Iris Abdele LicAc, MBAcC, AFN

Acupuncturist & Advanced Facialist

With more than 12 years’ experience in the beauty industry, working in some of London’s most prestigious clinics; Iris uses the very best of technology and skincare in all her facial treatments while combining a variety of approaches to all treatments deriving from her knowledge and experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Iris studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the esteemed City College of Acupuncture London at degree level, studying under many of the UK’s most accomplished Acupuncturists and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and AFN following an accredited, specialised course in fertility.

Iris currently works for Salon C-stellar; London, in the heart of Soho. Performing all advanced and holistic facials, including both facial and body Acupuncture.

Iris is also offering body Acupuncture at Live Well; Carshalton, Surrey alongside all things Acupuncture related.


My journey ..

Following school, I was immediately working in the beauty industry performing an array of beauty treatments, whilst developing my knowledge in different skincare brands and machinery. I soon specialised in facials and honed in on my passion of all things skin, helping my clients transform and maintain their skin to the desired outcome.

My fascination for healing sprouted from a young age, with the initial completion of my first Reiki course at the age of 19, proceeded by the completion of my Reiki Masters 8 years later, after I embarked on a Shamanic practitioner course. The healing modalities I have trained in and mastered over the years have allowed me to connect on a deeper level, not only for the evolution and development of ones’ self, but equally to create a unique and bespoke offering to my practice.

Acupuncture introduced itself to me further down the line, largely by recommendation from facial clientele when I was suffering with chronic back pain and IBS. After exhausting the typical recommendations, I soon found Acupuncture to be an effective solution to help support my ailments and provide relief from the symptoms of two significantly chronic conditions.

After three years studying and learning Traditional Chinese Medicine, I am confident in offering a unique approach to all my patients aiming to combine my experience of all things skin, my holistic healing modalities and my TCM knowledge and apply that to my treatment when advising and treating your MIND-BODY-SKIN.

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